Hey there! Welcome to my website! I created this website as a better host for my blog; something with a layout I could control a little more and add some of my personal style. I've always enjoyed blogging. You may have read my [slightly more entertaining and popular] blog from my college days, Confessions of a Serial Dater, which was basically a narrative of me trying to navigate the dating scene, usually while relatively intoxicated. Although I still believe I could be a stay at home blogger if I had kept at it, I shut it down when good friend pulled me aside and said, very sternly "Look. I think it's time to grow up and be professional". NUMBER ONE BIGGEST LIFE REGRET.

The second reason for starting this blog, other than me enjoying my own stories, is to share some knowledge I've gained over the past couple years. I always wanted to be a healthy individual; I just didn't know what I was doing. I had many bouts of failed weight loss attempts and they weren't for lack of effort. Everything mainstream media and the diet industry told me about weight loss for women was just wrong. Hopefully I can share some things here and there and if they benefit one person, it will be worth it. 

Eventually this website will expand and I hope to have other material such as workout examples and lifting videos. However for now I hope you enjoy following along with my blog! Feel free to contact me with any questions.