Don't call it a comeback - I've been here the whole time.

April 30th, 2017 - My last blog post. And my how things have changed.

A lot has happened since then - things that will later, I'm sure, turn into future blog posts. Struggles, challenges, obstacles, huge valleys of my life, things that blind sided me, and things I saw coming all along that I was avoiding dealing with.

My last show. Post show blues. A bad rebound. A downward spiral with my body image. A short bought with binge eating. A lot of therapy. And, a divorce.

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Balance vs Priorities

A few weeks ago I was given the suggestion to blog about balancing a fitness lifestyle with social life, work, special events, etc. Since I'm finishing up a phase of my life that was, to some, very unbalanced, I thought it might be a good opportunity to give my perspective on this. 

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My Second NPC Bikini Competition: Fox Cities Showdown

Hey everyone! 

I'm back again after an exciting two weeks to share my experience at the Fox Cities Showdown!

First of all, I am so glad I decided to do another show after the Indiana Muscle. Even though the Indiana Muscle was my first show, I was still pretty disappointed when I didn't place. Yes, I was extremely proud of myself for accomplishing a goal I set out to do many weeks prior, but it's still a bummer to walk away empty handed.

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Prep Chronicles: Things to Consider Before Deciding to Compete

I have secretly wanted to compete in a body building competition for well over a year. I fought the urge, acted like I thought it was stupid, got annoyed when people asked if I had any interest in it, and wrote it off for as long as I possibly could. Why did I do this? Because I was scared. When I started prep 16 weeks ago, that was the leanest my body had ever been at that point. I was not a skinny girl in highschool, so being lean does not come naturally for me. I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I didn’t truly know if a bikini competitor physique was even possible for me.. and if it was, I had doubts with myself that I would be able to put in the work to accomplish it. What if I tried and failed? What if I told people I was competing and gave up half way through prep? These were all questions running through my mind. However, I’m glad I took that time to really think about whether or not a bikini competition was for me, because it takes a lot of commitment and it’s certainly not something you want to just jump into. Maybe you’ve been considering taking the leap and doing a competition like this. If so, I’ve compiled a list of things to consider before deciding to compete.

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