My New Office!

One thing I've learned for certain is that living a healthy lifestyle takes some organization and preparation.

In a future blog post I'm going share some tips I have for staying organized and prepared with your meals and workouts (as well as tips to help stay on track).

However, today I have to brag about my new office organization. I worked all day on Saturday pulling up the carpet in our spare bedroom to find beautiful hardwood floors! I then headed to the local hardware store to pick up some fresh paint (baby blue with yellowish/white trim just wasn't working for me anymore). The color I chose was "chopped almonds" (seriously..who wouldn't want to blog about health and fitness in a room the color of chopped almonds?) and some bright white for the trim.

A fresh coat of paint and a day long trip to the Cincinatti Ikea later.. I have my beautiful office! I'm so excited to have my own space to study and blog in. I headed to one of my favorite local stores, the Red Raccoon, to buy some home decor and add some color to my crisp, white domain. We also stopped at Best Buy where Camron hooked me up with an adorable Macbook Air, an Asus monitor and some other goodies.

So now I sit back, drink some blush wine (very carefully) and blog. We still need to hang curtains.. but check it out!