New Years Resolutioners

I don't really have a New Year's Resolution this year. My resolution for the past, ehh.. decade? was always "get in shape/get skinny/diet/exercise" or something of that nature. Well, I'm happy to say that "get skinny" is no longer a phrase I use when discussing how I'd like my body to look. I'm also happy to say that since my health and weight are finally at a good place - and stable - I don't feel compelled to make a weight-related New Years Resolution this year.

However, my lovely friend Liza and my handsome husband Camron have both been encouraging me to blog more. So I guess I will make that my New Year's resolution. I made that my resolution one other time in my life and the blog was a hit! Unfortunately some might find my topics are a little less entertaining these days, but that's okay.  :)

Speaking of resolutions - let's talk about health related New Year's resolutions. If you're someone who has decided to take control of your health by eating better, exercising more, joining a gym, etc.. good for you! I think that's wonderful! If you're a person who is laughing at those new comers, ranting on Facebook about how annoying a packed gym is, or joking with your buddies about how they won't last more than 10 weeks.. you kind of suck.

Yes, it can be a little annoying to have to wait on a piece of equipment you normally don't have to wait for. But be original! Use it as an opportunity to throw in an exercise you don't normally do, or switch up your routine from the norm. (Chances are, changing up your routine is going to HELP not hurt you). Also - remember that you were once a newbie too. For several years I was the girl going into the gym on January 1st with super high hopes, who was probably the butt of someone's joke, looking absolutely lost in the weight room, and performing exercises incorrectly. If not for a handful of welcoming people who are still my friends to this day, a couple of years ago I might've given up on that goal AGAIN. I probably never would've taken such an interest in my health and I certainly wouldn't have pursued a personal trainer certification.

So - don't be a dick. If someone looks lost, ask if they need help. Make a friend. Encourage someone. Be a light.

And as far as the "they'll be gone in 10 week comments"... Unfortunately, yes, they might. Because society tells women they need to eat 1200 calorie diets and hit the treadmill for 2 hours. Yes, they will lose some weight initially (mostly water) and then plateau and get frustrated. From the get go they are set up to fail. So again - be helpful! In our culture there are sooo many ways the cards are already stacked against people who are trying to improve their health. As fellow human beings, we shouldn't be one of them.

In conclusion, show compassion. Be patient. Remember what it was like to be a beginner. And if you are someone who is making a health related new years resolution - don't be afraid to ask for help! There are plenty of people who want to help you succeed.