My Second NPC Bikini Competition: Fox Cities Showdown

Hey everyone! 

I'm back again after an exciting two weeks to share my experience at the Fox Cities Showdown!

First of all, I am so glad I decided to do another show after the Indiana Muscle. Even though the Indiana Muscle was my first show, I was still pretty disappointed when I didn't place. Yes, I was extremely proud of myself for accomplishing a goal I set out to do many weeks prior, but it's still a bummer to walk away empty handed. After watching some videos my husband Camron took of my posing routine at the night show, I was pretty disappointed with my showing. I didn't look very confident on stage and my posing had a lot room for improvement (specifically my transitions.. they were so bad it was kind of hard to watch. ALTHOUGH - the stage was fricken carpet, and I like to transition by pivoting on my toes, which is pretty hard to do on carpet. Seriously, have you ever heard of a carpeted stage? Very strange). ANYWAY - I knew I could do better and I had 3 weeks to improve. I upped my cardio sessions to lean out my legs more like the judges said, and I changed up my entire posing routine. 

Friday, March 7th I left Indiana first thing in the morning to head to Wisconsin. I chose a Wisconsin show because I really wanted my family to be able to come and support me. When I got to Wisconsin, I unpacked my stuff and headed straight to my spray tan appointment at 2:20pm. I will say, the product this company used was definitely more of an orangey color than the previous company. It was 100% that "Dorito tan" everybody likes to joke about. The set up for the spray tans was a little bit nicer and they offered more privacy.. the tents faced a wall instead of facing another naked competitor (although by my 3rd competition this didn't even bother me at all.. there were naked dance parties happening outside of the tents while girls waited to dry). 

After tanning, I had a few hours to wait until check ins. Check ins were smooth and I was excited to see that competitors got a swag bag (draw string bag filled with TONS of supplement samples), a cool VIP pass to wear, and another show t-shirt. Shredded Cheddar Productions definitely goes all out for their athletes.. there were a lot of little details that went into the show that made it more special for the competitors, whereas at my first show there was nothing. Another example: the tanning company made a HUGE table of homemade treats for all the competitors after the night show. With bikini going on stage last, all the treats were gone by the time we finished, but it was still a super nice gesture. Next time I will know to hide some treats to save for later before they all disappear!

I headed back to my parents house, sent some pics to my coach, ate my last meal and a rice krispie treat, drank a big ol' glass of red wine, and PASSED OUT. The next morning I woke up, sent more pics to coach, and ate my breakfast while my friend Jenna came over to do my hair and makeup. I wanted to go "full out bikini girl" for this show, so Jenna put some extensions in my hair and we went with a really smokey eye for my competition makeup. She did a fantastic job and it was exactly what I asked her to do, but I definitely wasn't comfortable with the look for most of the day. It just felt like way too much. Everything looked good in my stage pics (which is always the tough balance with stage makeup), but like I said, it just didn't feel like "me".  

 I definitely came in a lot tighter and my conditioning was much better for this show than 3 weeks ago! 

I definitely came in a lot tighter and my conditioning was much better for this show than 3 weeks ago! 

After getting my hair and makeup done I headed back to the venue for the competitor meeting. Indiana holds their competitor meetings at 8:30am, whereas Wisconsin's are at 9. I prefer the 9:00am start time better. Bikini typically goes on stage last, and we take the longest to get ready, so 8:30 is kind of inconvenient in that sense. I have to say I liked this venue WAY more than my first show. It was held in an actual auditorium, whereas the first show was just in a big room with a stage set up and flat rows of chairs. This was an actual stage, with theater style seating. It just felt more "official" - I was definitely starting to get nervous.

After the meeting the 10:00am start time for prejudging came pretty quick! Like I said, bikini open goes on last. The Fox Cities Showdown does not have any novice classes, so I was only competing in bikini open this time around. The dressing room (which was an actual dressing room, unlike the set up for my first show) was not big enough for all the female competitors to be in there at once, so I sat out in the audience for a good chunk of the show and got to watch the other competitors do their thing. I really enjoyed doing this, which was something I didn't do the first time around. The stage crew did a great job of letting us know when we were a couple classes out so we could go to the dressing room, do any necessary touch ups, and start pumping up. When I got out on stage I felt WAY more confident during prejudging. I felt like I really nailed my posing and my stage presence. I ended up getting first call outs and was moved to the 2nd place position. 

In between prejudging and the night show I went back to my parents house, took more pictures for my coach, ate more meals and took a nap. Then I headed back to the night show. Let me tell ya, the night show is a lot more fun when you think you are going to place! I went on stage for my routine and I feel like I sort of blacked out a little bit lol. I didn't do a few poses that I originally practiced, but it went well for the most part.

I could hear my mom and sister screaming like crazy from the crowd! Then they announced the winners and I was 2nd in Bikini Open Class C! (Classes are just based on height, like I explained in my first post).

It was such an amazing feeling to place in a show and I felt so proud to be amongst such awesome women on stage. There were 11 ladies in my class (same as my open class in show 1), so going from 8th to 2nd was pretty cool.

 I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M STANDING SO FAR AWAY - IT'S MY BIGGEST REGRET OF THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. I don't think I realized how far away she was when the girl who was handing out trophies left - it was all a blur!

I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M STANDING SO FAR AWAY - IT'S MY BIGGEST REGRET OF THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. I don't think I realized how far away she was when the girl who was handing out trophies left - it was all a blur!

Afterwards I met up with my family for some pics and then it was off to FEAST. It was soooo awesome to have my family there supporting me. It meant the world that they came! 

We headed out to Houdini's in Appleton for some AMAZING fish tacos (with a side of french fries!) and then I had this awesome dessert my dad picked up for me at Manderfield's... I had been craving something turtle from Manderfield's for MONTHS. I dropped several not-so-subtle hints to my family about making sure I had something. 

The next morning it was back to my regularly prepped meals and the gym. I left Wisconsin on Monday morning and then started right into another peak week for the Midwest Battle of the Champions the following Saturday. The Fox Cities Showdown was an amazing experience. It was very well run, very focused on making the athletes feel as welcome and comfortable as possible, and the energy from the crowd was great. It was also nice to spend some time with my family and have them experience this crazy thing I love to do. Next time I'll blog about the Midwest Battle of the Champions. To be continued.. :)